Season 3

Season 3 is Coming Soon

Welcome to 2022! There are some changes to The Hummingbird Podcast that we wanted to share. We have a new look, a new format, and a new co-host!

First, Aprille Janes has decided to shift her focus to other projects so she is leaving the show as co-host. She will be missed but she will always be part of our Hummingbird community.

We welcome Catherine Graham as the new co-host. She is an award-winning poet, novelist and creative writing instructor. We have been friends since we first met at a writing course about 20 years ago.

The new season launches the first week of February. We will meet each week to chat about creativity, arts, literature, and life. We want to dive into big questions about making a difference for ourselves and others through creative practice, projects, and passion. (And there will definitely be some poetry along the way!)

Thanks for being part of our journey!