Season 1

Episode 005: How does nature inspire creativity?

Go outside for ideas!

Nature provides an abundance of sources for creative connections and expression. How does nature inspire you? In this episode we explore ways we learn from nature and create inspired by places we love. We talk about some creatives that have used nature in their work, from Antoni Gaudi in Spain to R. Murray Schafer in Canada, we share some people we admire that use nature in interesting ways. Finally, we talk about some ways you can begin to connect nature to your creative work today.

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Season 1

Episode 004: What are some ways for staying creative?

How do you stay creative?

Where do you create? What are the conditions for creativity? In this episode we discuss every day places and routines to nurture creativity. We wanted to explore ways to sustain creativity over time. From reflecting on how to prioritize our creative work to discussing ways to transition between life and creativity, we share some practical tips that work for us. How do you use the arts to practice and engage in a creative process?

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Season 1

Episode 003: How are joy and creativity connected?

What brings you joy?

This week we explore the idea of joy and its link to creativity. What makes your face light up? Join us as we discuss everything from the way creative activities can spark joy to what we can learn from the hummingbird about joy. For this conversation, we even invited some friends to share their ideas about what brings them joy. What does joy mean to you?

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Season 1

Episode 002: How do we know everyone is creative?

Episode 2 - Everyone is creative

It’s true. Everyone is creative.

Everyone is creative but we all express that creativity differently. Are some people more creative than others? In this episode, we explore some research on creativity and share some examples of how people we know show their creativity. 

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Season 1

Episode 001: What is creativity?

Aprille and Jessica begin to explore the nature of creativity.

How do you define creativity? Is it only for the ‘artsy’ types or are there other aspects that should be considered? How is courage related to being creative? 

We have some ideas we want to share with you so listen in on our conversation. 

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Season 1

Episode 000: What is Hummingbird?

Our podcast featuring conversations about creativity.

In this episode, we talk about who we are and why we started this podcast. The hummingbird is a symbol of creativity and joy. The last year hasn’t been easy and we want to go on a journey through conversation to explore our questions about creative living.

Our wish is that you join us each week and even take part in the conversation by leaving us comments on an episode’s topic and questions you’d like us to explore in a future episode. 

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