Season 1

Episode 004: What are some ways for staying creative?

How do you stay creative?

Where do you create? What are the conditions for creativity? In this episode we discuss every day places and routines to nurture creativity. We wanted to explore ways to sustain creativity over time. From reflecting on how to prioritize our creative work to discussing ways to transition between life and creativity, we share some practical tips that work for us. How do you use the arts to practice and engage in a creative process?

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7 thoughts on “Episode 004: What are some ways for staying creative?”

  1. Episode 004 – I played the entire podcast this evening, and again enjoyed listening and considering the ideas. And this time I also decided to write a “ten minute object writing” session as I was listening – to see if I could write while potentially being distracted. I stopped to listen several times, but I mostly focused on the word about which I was writing, “mosaic.” ( Of course now I will need to listen to #004 again and give it my full attention.
    – fun experiment.


    1. Mosaic -1955 hrs.
      “I can smell what I think might be plaster standing here looking up at the wall of mosaic tile which rises up into the arched tile ceiling. All the one inch tiles are blue or white, and the density of each colour varies from point to point, but overall I get the impression that there are clouds on the wall and ceiling. It’s very calm and impressive.
      I reach up to the wall at eye level and lightly touch the smooth hard surface of several tiles, and I feel the roughness of the grouted space in the gap between tiles.
      I lean in and breathe a slow inhalation of the scent. Almost musty, like a cathedral with enormous clay like pillars.
      And the echo is subtle. The wall isn’t close to the outside and the noise of the street but the sounds are recreated in the room where I’m standing, in a muffled softly amplified presentation of the lively world out there.
      But inside here it is all peace and quiet.”
      2006 hrs


  2. Oh my goodness, Aprille what you shared about taking 15 minutes a day to do something creative for yourself, resonates so much for me. It’s true, we have to make up our mind to commit and carve out the time; otherwise “there’s always tomorrow.” I spent the first 3 months of this year doing one creative thing every day (photo poems, sketches, tiny paintings)… My April challenge this month has proven to be more challenging but I am still doing a bit each week. Anyways – the biggest “ah ha!” for me was how these daily practices all tie back into my “real” work… painting Canadian Landscapes! It’s been such an enriching experience. After this “embroidery” project (April/May) I’m going to try quilting 🙂 You ladies are so inspiring, I can’t wait to listen to more of these. We are all walking this creative path together ❤

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    1. You inspire me! I love your enthusiasm. It has been such a joy to watch your art develop and your challenges progress on social media. Your landscapes are incredible! Thanks for listening and for engaging with us here. We love it when we hear from people!

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    2. First, thanks for listening and letting us know we’re your tribe. 💕
      And yes, that 15 minutes a day made a huge difference for me in my “real” work as well. In the very near future I’m going to set a 30 day challenge and invite listeners to join me so stay tuned! I think we can inspire each other by sharing. I love to see what others are getting up to.


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