Season 3

Continuing the Conversation: Poems that Inspire Other Poems

Season 3, Episode 5

We talk about Catherine’s poem “Peas & Barbies” from Her Red Hair Rises with the Wings of Insects and the impact of Dorothy Molloy. We also discuss the glosa, deconstructed glosa, peas, rules and breaking rules and how we naturally link our own lived experience when reading poems. All this and we talk about “choir peas” too.

Season 3

Dive In: A Creative Journey

Season 3, Episode 2

We get to know our new co-host and her creative journey through listening to her poetry. Catherine shares the story behind her writing, shining a light on the themes, people, and places that inspire her work. She explains why the last line of her poem ‘Back to the Quarry’ became the first line of her novel ‘Quarry.’ Join us as we spend time exploring how the quarry reveals so much about her process and her projects.

“Dive in. Turn to water before it freezes.”