Season 4

Heartbeat of the Ground

Season 4, Episode 18

We talk about the heartbeat of the ground (a line from Catherine’s poem “A Leash of Deer”), the pulse of everything, plus the current that connects us. Jessica shares her poem “A River Flows” and its origin story. We discover how a poem can hold a poem beneath it. Catherine reads her poem “Chthonic” and takes us to the underground. We see how imagery can lure us to slip beneath.

Season 4

Animal Encounters

Season 4, Episode 17

Catherine shares her poem “A Leash of Deer” and the story behind it. (Yes, it started with a coaster purchased in Edinburgh.) We talk about how poems and encounters with animals open us up and bring us closer at the same time, how they expand and contract. Jessica reads an excerpt from her latest book Bernice and the Georgian Bay Gold that includes an encounter with a crow. When we lean into the energies around us, we feel the connections. When we pay attention, the gifts come.