Season 1

Episode 014: Your Creative Business: How do you build an audience for your work?

How can we expand our connections?

We create by making connections and to connect to other people. If we change the business word “marketing” to “connection” it becomes less overwhelming. In this episode we talk about what it means to connect to your audience and how it fits into a creative practice. 

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Season 1

Episode 013: Our Creative Genealogy

What can we learn from those who inspire us?

What can we learn from those who inspire us? Then what happens when we take it a step further by looking at who inspired them? Climb your creative family tree and see who’s hanging out in the branches. You might be surprised. In this episode, we explore this idea from Austin Kleon’s book ‘Steal Like an Artist.’ We talk about who inspires us and then who inspired them. This is an invitation for you to look at your own creative genealogy. 

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Season 1

Episode 012: Steal Like an Artist

What can we learn from Austin Kleon?

We had so much fun talking about the ideas in Austin Kleon’s book ‘Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative.’ From our first impressions to a detailed discussion of each big idea, we ‘steal’ what we can to refine our creative processes. 

Warning: Don’t read this book unless you’re prepared to be inspired.

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Season 1

Episode 011: What inspires your creativity?

Where do life and creativity meet?

What people, places, arts, and things inspire you? What is the magic that happens when we let it get personal? What are some examples of our work and what inspired it? Join us as we reflect on inspiration, the source of ideas, and creative process. Aprille reflects on a fabric piece she is working on that started as a test piece. Jessica reflects on writing and staging a play inspired by the women in her family. 

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Season 1

Episode 010: Creativity and Building a Business – Where to Start

How do you begin?

In this episode we begin a regular feature of chatting about creativity and business. Do you want to turn your passion for arts into full-time work? Have you wondered about were to start in creating a business or selling your work? We explore some practical first steps and next steps. From generating new ideas to building a plan, we explore ways to expand your dreams then bring them to life.

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