Season 4

The Shake and Shimmer Loop

Season 4, Episode 16

We explore how art shapes our lives and our lives shape art. We talk about what shakes and shimmers, negative capability, and chance encounters with animals. Catherine reads an excerpt from her novel Quarry. We move from the ‘ice-cream realm’ to the weight of grief. We realize if we can let go of control and let the body guide us—that’s when the magic appears.

Season 4

Ancestors and Family Part 2

Season 4, Episode 15

We continue to explore how ancestors and family impact our writing. Jessica talks about her Métis roots and shares her poem “Search Out the Water.” This poem explores the life of her Great-x5-Grandfather, Ezekiel Solomon. She also shares an excerpt from her forthcoming novel for middle-grade children, Bernice and the Georgian Bay Gold. We talk about reciprocity, silence and how to listen deeply.