Season 3

Season Change and Worry Dolls

Season 3, Episode 6

“As if the top of my head were taken off,” writes Emily Dickinson when it comes to knowing poetry. In this episode we talk about how poetry is tied to the body. Jessica reads her poem “Season Change” and Catherine reads her poem “Worry Dolls.” We talk about perception, alignment of energies and how inanimate objects “speak” to us if we listen.

Season 3

Continuing the Conversation: Poems that Inspire Other Poems

Season 3, Episode 5

We talk about Catherine’s poem “Peas & Barbies” from Her Red Hair Rises with the Wings of Insects and the impact of Dorothy Molloy. We also discuss the glosa, deconstructed glosa, peas, rules and breaking rules and how we naturally link our own lived experience when reading poems. All this and we talk about “choir peas” too.

Season 3

Dive In: A Creative Journey

Season 3, Episode 2

We get to know our new co-host and her creative journey through listening to her poetry. Catherine shares the story behind her writing, shining a light on the themes, people, and places that inspire her work. She explains why the last line of her poem ‘Back to the Quarry’ became the first line of her novel ‘Quarry.’ Join us as we spend time exploring how the quarry reveals so much about her process and her projects.

“Dive in. Turn to water before it freezes.” 

Season 3

Season 3 is Coming Soon

Welcome to 2022! There are some changes to The Hummingbird Podcast that we wanted to share. We have a new look, a new format, and a new co-host!

First, Aprille Janes has decided to shift her focus to other projects so she is leaving the show as co-host. She will be missed but she will always be part of our Hummingbird community.

We welcome Catherine Graham as the new co-host. She is an award-winning poet, novelist and creative writing instructor. We have been friends since we first met at a writing course about 20 years ago.

The new season launches the first week of February. We will meet each week to chat about creativity, arts, literature, and life. We want to dive into big questions about making a difference for ourselves and others through creative practice, projects, and passion. (And there will definitely be some poetry along the way!)

Thanks for being part of our journey!



Season 2

S2 E14: Book Club: Learning By Heart “Celebration”

How will you celebrate 2021 and your year of creativity?

The topic of our final episode for Season 2 seems fitting – Celebration. We talk about what celebration means to us. What are the different aspects of celebration? How does it affect the way we view our creative work? How do we connect and celebrate?  Listen in as we unravel the next layer of the creative process: celebration.

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Season 2

S2 E13: Social Media for Creatives

With special guest Rachel Spence

Do you have questions about how to use social media effectively? For our monthly business episode we invited social media expert Rachel Spence in to share her knowledge and expertise. We had lots of questions and made lots of notes so fair warning, have paper and pen near by. Rachel will tell you how to be more effective and reach more people in an authentic, meaningful way. 

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Season 2

S2 E12: Book Club: Learning By Heart “Work Play”

With special guest Shannon Linton

We are coming to the end of our book study soon. Two more chapters. Today we continue our book study with ‘Learning by Heart: Teachings to Free the Creative Spirit’ By Corita Kent and Jan Steward. Last time we talked about versatility and possibility when choosing tools and techniques. In this episode we unravel the next layer of the creative process: the relationship between play and work, or as they note in this chapter, Plork. What is the relationship between work and play in the creative process?

Shannon Linton joins us. She is a singer-song writer, choral conductor, and music teacher. She is a Hummingbird listener too.

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