Season 2

S2 E7: Book Club: Learning By Heart “Sources”

What are your sources?

In this episode we explore the idea of sources. How do you gather and use sources in your creative work? What or who inspires you? We continue to explore the ideas in our book study to expand what’s possible in our projects.

“Working from a source is not the same thing as copying. The work is yours only–drawn from your experience and coloured by your perceptions. The source frees us to depart from something rather than from nothing or everything. We do not seek to duplicate the source, but to use it as a reference. It relieves us of thinking we have to make something new or great (a scary idea). We will make something new when we work at the source with our mind and leave our hands and pen (stick, chopstick, pencil, etc…) free to get on with the job of drawing (painting, building, etc…).”

p. 47, Learning By Heart: Teachings to Free the Creative Spirit by Corita Kent and Jan Steward

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